India, Israel might strengthen military ties; discuss border dispute with China


A statement issued by the Israeli embassy said that in the coming weeks, the India-Israel Anti-Covid-19 Co-operation, under the leadership of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Defense and Health, will be carried out.

A unique arranged departure from Tel Aviv to New Delhi will convey a high positioning part from Israel's Ministry of Defense R&D group which has been working with India's central researcher K Vijay Raghavan and DRDO to create quick testing for the lethal coronavirus in less than 30 seconds.

The flight will likewise bring advancement rising Israeli innovations for combatting COVID-19, which have been given by Israel's remote service and the private area meant to reinforce India's reaction to the episode.

The Israeli delegation arriving in India to conduct the test will also be getting mechanical ventilators with special permission from the government of Israel for export to India.

With 48,962 COVID-19 positive cases and 757 deaths on Friday, for the third consecutive day cases and deaths in India crossed the 45,000 and 750 marks.

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"The cooperation between India and Israel on COVID-19 is a good example of harnessing the scientific and technological strengths that the two countries have for larger, common good".

For the objective of this specific operation, the Indian government has designated a team of around 100 professionals, as well as a team dedicated to the construction of testing sites. "I am confident that India and Israel can work together to find innovative and cheap solutions to help the world overcome this crisis", he said.

In recent years, Israel-India relations are developing with mutual assistance to cooperate in areas of research.

The four tech systems that will be tested are - voice test, breathalyzer test based on terra-hertz waves, isothermal test, and polyamino acids test. Both can work with a saliva sample. The test analyzes the recording of a human voice and aims to identify changes in the patient's voice and a possible deterioration in the condition of the patients' respiratory system. It will also further deepen our strategic ties, India's Ambassador Sanjeev Singla told PTI.

A second, affordable biochemical test can be used at home and gives a result in 30 minutes. In addition to the DDR&D team, the delegation also includes engineers and other professionals from the companies involved in the development of the various diagnostic technologies.