After Apple, Samsung might stop offering chargers with new smartphones from 2021


If you decide not to upgrade your old iPhone before the release of the line from figure 12, we have not too good news for you.

The analyst said this prediction is based on the new handsets' components, including technologies allowing support for 5G networks as well as the use of OLED display panels on all models.

Now, it looks like Samsung might be taking a similar approach. The Verge highlights a new report from Korean site ETNews that predicts that Samsung may also be excluding chargers from some of its smartphones beginning next year, for numerous same reasons that analysts believe Apple is doing so - to reduce costs and because many people already have chargers.

As Samsung sells millions of smartphones each year, working towards removing charging accessories from its product boxes could result in significant savings, as well as an increase in profits from products bought separately.

Samsung is reportedly considering not bundling a wall charger with future phones. The decision will likely be made to offset the costs of building premium smartphones, as well as making it easier to ship phones in smaller boxes to reduce transport costs.

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It seems like there is a wave to ditch accessories included in smartphones and Samsung is rumored to be next.

However, the firm has not released any details of timing or which smartphones will not include the default power devices, but the report is confident that it will happen next year.

According to Korean news outlet ETNews, the move seeks to reduce environmental waste, plus reduce production costs in an increasingly price sensitive landscape.

Furthermore, with regards to upcoming Apple changes, the electronics company will apparently also phase out the 5W and 18W chargers that normally come with iPhones nowadays.