National Football League to discuss union's desire to cancel preseason


The NFLPA objected privately to that plan, which the NFL has not announced publicly, and its board of player representatives voted last week to endorse a plan with no preseason games.

Everyone wants to see football return this fall like normal. He wrote that the NFL and NFLPA's joint coronavirus task force agreed a 48-day training camp without preseason games, partially in response to the surge of Achilles tendon and hamstring injuries that occurred the season after the league's 2011 lockout similarly wiped out the offseason program. He cited an increase in injuries following the 2011 lockout.

NFL players have balked at the league's proposal that 35 per cent of player salaries be held in escrow during the 2020 season, NFL Network has reported.

With the scheduled opening of training camps three weeks away, the league and union continue to haggle over economic and noneconomic issues. But the union declined.

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However, this is not a normal year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the National Football League continues to take steps in order to help protect its players and stop the spread. They count on those games for exposure and as opportunities to show their coaches that they deserve a spot on the 53-man roster.

"It's not constructive. We'd rather do this face to face", the person said.

Thomas is likely more skeptical of whether a season can get off the ground while addressing players' health concerns than he's anxious about whether it'll be a profitable season.

According to Daniel Kaplan of the Athletic, the league is considering requiring the fans to sign a legal waiver that would prevent them from suing the NFL should they contract the coronavirus while attending an NFL game. Players could be fined for off-field actives that lead to the spread of the virus.