Trump says spies deemed Russia-Taliban intel not 'credible'


The Times reported that USA intelligence had concluded that a Russian military intelligence unit linked to assassination attempts in Europe had offered rewards for successful attacks past year on American and coalition soldiers and that militants or those associated with them were believed to have collected some bounty money. The New York Times separately reported that USA intelligence officials believe at least one American military death was linked to the alleged payments.

"If in fact, we'll find out if he has been briefed, and if it was in his daily brief, but if it were not what does that say about the concern that those who brief the president have about not going anywhere near the Russian Federation issue with this president?" she said. High-level Taliban said that the attacks against USA forces would set, the attacks against Afghan targets would be routed to an intra-Afghan agreement to continue.

Russian Federation and the Taliban have denied the existence of the program.

The UK is said to have received the intelligence last week.

"My number-one priority is the safety of our troops".

The New York Instances claimed on the bounties on Friday and claimed the president was made informed about the predicament and was talked over in late March by the White House's Countrywide Protection Council.

Trump, in a Sunday morning tweet, said that "nobody briefed or told me" or Vice President Mike Pence or chief of staff Mark Meadows about "the so-called attacks on our troops in Afghanistan by Russians".

Russian forces offered bounties to Taliban-linked terrorists to kill US troops in Afghanistan: Report
Trump: Russian Bounties on US Troops 'Fake News'

Trump tweeted that "there have not been a lot of attacks" on USA troops by Taliban fighters as his evidence that the documented intelligence may be "phony".

"Nobody's been tougher on Russian Federation than the Trump Administration". Even Leftmedia outlet NPR begrudging admitted back in 2018 that Trump's regular claim "might sound like hyperbole, but in this case, there's actually some basis for the president's boast".

That left open the possibility such intelligence does exist.

"There are dissenting opinions within the intelligence community, and I can confirm with you right now that there is no consensus within the intelligence community on these allegations", she told reporters during a news briefing.

Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for suggesting that "the Russians have something on Donald Trump", calling it "terribly irresponsible" and "just downright wrong". This is as bad as it gets. "Some of our allies who work with us in Afghanistan have been briefed and accept this report".

"If I'm elected president, make no mistake about it, Vladimir Putin will be confronted and we'll impose serious costs on Russia", Biden said.

Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called for briefings of their respective legislative body's full membership.

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