Stunning iPhone 12 video shows Apple’s flagship in all its glory


You can revoke the keys at any time, too.

Called CarKey, this new Apple feature will be first introduced on the 2021 BMW 5 series cars.

Some of the other features include, storing fob details via Apple Wallet, a power reserve for iPhone where vehicle keys will still function for up to five hours if device turns off, and the ability to share access with up to five contacts via iMessage.

In an associated support guide, BMW highlighted several features of its Digital Key, such as the ability to tap-to-unlock a BMW and start the auto by placing a device in a compatible Qi wireless charging tray. The Digital Key specification 2.0 for NFC was released in May 2020 and the next generation Digital key using the Ultra-Wideband technology is already in process.

A power reserve feature in the iPhone allows the NFC chip to function for up to five hours after the iPhone dies due to low battery, and if you own an Apple Watch Series 5, that can also act as a digital key.

BMW has partnered with Apple to introduce virtual auto key functions for its cars and SUVs. The tech giant says it won't get data on when you access your auto or who you share your vehicle keys with either.

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Apple has added a few smart features to the latest version - iOS 14 - intended for use by people with vision and hearing impairments.

As we get closer to September which is the usual time of the year for Apple to announce a new iPhone, you can expect to hear more rumours and predictions about the iPhone 12.

CarKey will let users unlock, start and lock their cars without fumbling through their bag or pockets for a physical key. She then placed the iPhone on the car's charging pad and was able to start the auto using the start/stop button.

The iPhone as a Digital Key. Management of access can be done from inside the vehicle as well as through the Apple Wallet app.

Apple said they hope to see support for this standard starting in new cars next year.

This system will be available on almost all BMWs built from 1 July onwards, including the 1 Series, 2 Series Gran Coupe, 3 Series, 4 Series, 5 Series, 8 Series, X5, X6, X7 and Z4 models.