Two more Trump campaign staff members test positive for coronavirus


The arena had thousands of empty seats on Saturday, a blow to Trump, who revels in large crowds, and his campaign, which had said demand outstripped the number of tickets available for the event.

Two additional members of President Donald Trump's advance team in Tulsa tested positive for COVID-19, the Trump campaign announced Monday.

"President Trump is saying, 'No China, I will label this virus for its place of origin", McEnany said, adding that the president has called Asian-Americans "amazing people".

'You had it being on Father's Day weekend, people who were scared about violence and coronavirus, ' she said.;But people showed up and having 11 million people watch online shows that enthusiasm exists'.

"What makes this lame attempt at hacking our events even more foolish is the fact that every rally is general admission - entry is on a first-come-first-served basis and prior registration is not required". Trump sadly walking from Marine One to the White House set to a bunch of different songs. 'I do think there was a little chaos in Tulsa and they disperse the crowds early that people in the front row who were camping out were forced to leave early'.

Despite being quite on Twitter, Donald Trump was reported to be "angry" after the rally.

The campaign angrily denied it had been duped, however. "These phony ticket requests never factor into our thinking". His campaign has blamed protesters, fears over the coronavirus, and the media for the turnout.

Twitter flags Trump's tweet of doctored 'racist baby' video
It then cuts to show that the toddlers actually ran toward each other to share a hug before scurrying off together. "Fake news is. On Thursday night, the social networking site labeled a video tweeted by the president as " manipulated media ".

He said images from the race protests that have gripped the country had also scared away families.

TRUMP: "Has more names than any disease in history".

She's scheduled to appear in court on Friday and is now out on bond.

Racial tensions have roiled the nation following the police killing of a black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis.

Trump told supporters Saturday that Covid-19 testing was "a double-edged sword".

During the rally, Trump called coronavirus testing "a double-edged sword" and claimed that he had told advisers to "slow the testing down, please".

"Here's my theory; don't hurt the people that love you", tweeted triple Grammy Award-winning USA singer Pink. "No good person would".