Here's Our First Look at Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay


The conference is expected to last for around an hour, and will feature new game announcements and gameplay footage from upcoming Electronic Arts games. "We're trying to say with this game that we have a $40 price point, we want to feel generous to players, and we want it to feel like a complete experience", he says.

Thankfully the team is now allowed to open up a bit, and in addition to the confirmation that HOTAS rigs would work with the game, we now know a few more tidbits: like the fact that Squadrons is locked to a first-person view. This new first-person space shooter lets you pilot the iconic Star Wars spacecraft, X-Wing and TIE Fighters.

DICE and EA turned that game around, and its availability on PS Plus should keep the player base healthy for years to come.

Yes. EA now seems to be fully embracing the crossplay gaming wave, and "Star Wars: Squadrons" competitors on PS4, Xbox and PC will all be able to join each other online.

It also revealed the PC requirements and other details of the game. It arrives on PC (Origin and Steam), PS4 and Xbox One on 14 July. They are not going for an incomplete experience for the players. Both the A-Wing and the TIE Bomber were revealed.

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Multiplayer, however, appears to be the driving force behind "Squadrons" with five-on-five dogfights and the signature "Fleet Battles" mode, which sees you taking on the rival team's capital ship with fighters alone.

Squadrons, meanwhile, nearly directly recalls the golden age of Star Wars games. Games such as "Elite: Dangerous" and "Star Citizen" have been shown to again create enough interest in the genre.

Wedge Antilles was in the original Star Wars movies, but he's also turned up in Star Wars Rebels and some of the books. Squadrons, players are curious how deep EA will go with microtransactions in this game.

There are no microtransactions in Star Wars: Squadrons, and all in-game rewards can only be earned by putting in the job, in exactly what is a response to past mistakes.

EA Play Live 2020 kicks off today (June 18) at 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET. It will be streamed via and on the YouTube channel of the company. Taking place after the fall of the Emperor, this game will put you in the shoes of Starfighter pilots, from both sides of the war. Zilch. Nada. Once you purchase the game, that should be the only money you ever spend on it.