India Will Preside UN Security Council For Month Of August In 2021


In the Asia-Pacific region, India - which has been trying unsuccessfully to win a permanent seat in an expanded Security Council - ran unopposed to win 184 votes out of the 192 countries that participated in the election.

Trudeau said Canada "listened and learned" from other nations and has "created new partnerships that increased Canada's place in the world".

And although Kenya was firmly in the driving seat, the rules of the elections demand at least two-thirds of the eligible United Nations member states voting to be declared victor. As per rules, five non-permanent members out of 10 are elected each year for two years. The defeat of the Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau followed the loss by the former Conservative government of Stephen Harper in 2010. Its decisions, by law, must be obeyed by all United Nations member states, giving its prestige and power.

Trudeau dismissed suggestions that a loss for Canada would be a political failure for him personally, given the capital he has invested in the bid - starting with his "Canada is back" declaration the day after he won the October 2015 federal election.

Chapnick said Ireland and Norway had indicated they would like a seat roughly a decade before Canada had anything to say, giving them a long advantage.

"As we move forward, we remain committed to the goals and principles that we laid out during this campaign", Trudeau said in a statement, adding that Canada would "continue to play a vital role in advancing global cooperation and building a more peaceful, inclusive and sustainable world". Djibouti fell well short with 62. Besides, all members of the Council get a chance to preside of sittings, providing another opportunity to influence agenda.

Trudeau, for his part, in a statement following the vote that the campaign to secure the seat had "contributed to our broader efforts to tackle the most important challenges of our time, including the Covid-19 pandemic, and has acted as a foundation for further global cooperation on other key issues".

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Lewis and Mulroney worked together to lead Canada's participation in the broader fight at the United Nations to eventually bring down the racist anti-Black Apartheid regime in South Africa.

Wednesday's election comes after months of intense campaigning.

Trudeau levelled veiled criticism at the UN's geographical organization that has placed Canada in a grouping against European countries, which can never agree on two candidates for the temporary seats on the council.

"Campaigning for a UNSC seat involves endless lobbying, entertaining and worrying that the ambassador who just promised you a vote is a liar", tweeted Richard Gowan, an expert on the world body at the International Crisis Group.

"It is unfortunate that we're in a situation of having to compete against friends", he said. "I was hoping we would, and we certainly worked hard to do it".

"I have nothing but respect for our two competitors, Ireland and Norway, that have demonstrated an engagement in the world", he said.

How can we ensure Canada abides by all worldwide treaties protecting Indigenous rights?