See The Colorful Strawberry Moon in Iowa Skies Tonight


The name 'Strawberry Moon is associated with the ripening season of the fruit during the penumbral eclipse.

In most lunisolar calendars the months change on or just after the new Moon and full Moons fall in the middle of the lunar months.

Hippocrates (460-370 BC), ancient Greek physician known as the "Father of Medicine said "One who is seized with terror, fright and madness during the night, is being visited by the Goddess of the Moon". While in partial lunar eclipse only a part of the moon enters the umbra", said Babul Bora, Curator of Guwahati Planetarium and member of Infinity Astronomy Club. Moons always rise in the east and set in the west - so follow this direction in your search.

A good time to try to catch it will be at moonrise, when it can sometimes appear to be bigger and take on an amber tint. For 2020, the full Moon in early July is closer to the Summer Solstice and will be about 1.5 degrees lower in the sky than the full Moon in June.

Citing the Maine Farmer's Almanac, NASA notes that the June full moon was dubbed the strawberry moon by Algonquin tribes.

The name refers to the short season for harvesting strawberries in northeastern North America. However, our calendar is not perfectly synchronised with astronomical events, therefore, every now and then, a year has 13 full moons.

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There were fears that rain clouds would dampen the spectacle but across the country people were able to take incredible pictures of the moon which appeared in different colours when the clouds cleared. Here's a gallery of named moons (some of them also "Super Moons") from the last several years.

This will be the sixth full moon of 2020 and seven more before the end of the year. "Nowadays, however, the most popular wedding months are August, September, and October, plus a little research shows that the Moon's color never did have anything to do with that expression". The moon will continue to look full from early Thursday morning through early Sunday morning. So as per experts, today's partial penumbral eclipse is likely to be harder to spot.

On the intervening night of June 5 and June 6, the moon appeared fainter and darker, as stargazers witnessed a phenomenon called the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

The Strawberry Moon is one the nicknames given to June's full moon, but not because it will turn red (although in 2020 anything seems possible).

However, apart from the romantic element, in this particular full moon a peculiarity was identified: the Moon darkened slightly but not completely like a normal eclipse.