Get ready to watch lunar eclipse tonight


From the moment humans looked skyward, eclipses have fascinated - and sometimes terrified us. This weekend, the Strawberry Moon brings a penumbral lunar eclipse. Meanwhile, there are two more eclipses slated to take place by July. Cross your fingers for clear skies and flawless conditions, so you can get a good look at the partial lunar eclipse and a blushing full "strawberry moon" over Friday night and the wee hours of Saturday morning. This eclipse will be a partial penumbral eclipse meaning the Moon will move through the faint, outer part of Earth's shadow called the penumbra. The eclipse will be visible at its full stage at 12:54 am on June 6.

It this time, the Earth's shadow falls on the moon, which creates a lunar eclipse.

The full "Strawberry Moon" will rise on Friday (June 5) along with the penumbral lunar eclipse.

However, the Moon, which will reach its peak at 20:12 BST, will appear slightly dimmer than a normal full Moon due to the special type of eclipse. There is actually a lunar eclipse as well - it won't be visible to the USA, but there are other ways to see it. As per the data by NASA, the eclipse will soon be visible to people surviving in the Eastern coast of South America, Western Africa, and Europe at Moonrise and to people in Japan and New Zealand at Moonset.

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While it is called a Strawberry Moon, that doesn't mean it will appear red or pink, the name comes from the fact strawberries are ready to harvest this time of year.

Since it is cloudy in most parts of Mumbai so it may be harder to watch this lunar eclipse.

The moon is also expected to have a tea-coloured hue. Another name for it is the "Rose Moon", possibly because of the roses that bloom in June or the reddish color of the moon in Europe this time of the year. It is also said to be a time for annual feasts and to welcome people home according to natives in the region. Be sure to cast your gaze toward the sky for this year's Strawberry Moon.

Phenomenons like lunar eclipse have always been surrounded with a number of myths and taboos, which are all false and scientifically baseless. It is said that the practice decreases the harmful impact of negative energy caused by the eclipse. Other people suggest that eating or drinking during the period of a lunar eclipse should be strictly prohibited. On June 21, 2020, there will be an annular solar eclipse. Ancient Mesopotamians too saw lunar eclipses as an assault on Earth's satellite. It is, however, suggested to use binoculars or telescope for better results.