United Kingdom death rate up nearly 60,000


Public Health Wales said a further eight people have died after testing positive for coronavirus, taking the total number of deaths in Wales to 1,282.

With figures from Scotland and Northern Ireland included, the total number of excess deaths connected to COVID-19 in the United Kingdom reached 59,359 over the nine-week duration of coronavirus outbreak.

The North West had the largest number of Covid-19-related deaths for the second week running, and overtook London as the region with the highest proportion of deaths involving coronavirus.

THE latest Government statistics have revealed an increase of two Covid-19 cases in West Berkshire during the last 24-hour period, with the total number of people who have been infected in the district now at 374.

The National Records of Scotland found there were 4,434 excess deaths in Scotland between March 23 and May 17, while the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency put the figure for Northern Ireland at 867 excess deaths between March 21 and May 15.

This is 137 more deaths than the five-year average.

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The ONS has urged caution around the reporting of excess deaths for week ending 15 May, citing the fact offices were shut for VE Day as a potential reason for distortion. Vulnerable residents and care workers looking after them have been left to fight the disease alone.

Indeed, look across the whole of the United Kingdom and with excess deaths it's a similar picture. The ONS said trends over the two weeks "should be interpreted with caution".

That might seem trivial but such things matter.

But the overall picture is still of a country where more people are dying of the disease and, perhaps, of other causes, than you would expect at this time of year. In the United Kingdom, excess deaths remain elevated.

On 9 May there were 214 deaths in care homes: 51% of the total, while 191 (46%) happened in hospitals.

In short, the mortality crisis has not gone away yet.