Hackers Release Jailbreak Tool to Unlock Every Kind of iPhone


This is the first time that an operating system of Apple has been completely leaked before release. They say they do it for security. Motherboard reported this week that hackers got their hands on a pre-release version of the upcoming iOS 14 release several months ago.

Although early reviews for the release are positive, jailbreaking an iOS device still presents a potential security risk. iOS may not have the same freedom to install apps and customize appearance that Android has, but Apple has always countered that it provides a higher level of security.

Unc0ver, a popular iPhone hacking team, has released a tool that releases all versions of iOS, including the current version.

Unc0ver allows for the installation of software outside Apple's App Store, and elevated superuser privileges across the operating system. The updates contained the Exposure Notification API that developers can use to create contact tracking apps for the new coronavirus, as well as a simplified Face ID unlocking process for users wearing face masks.

The jailbroken OS also apparently preserves Apple's user data protection and does not cause any issues with Apple's security.

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In Wired's report on the latest jailbreak, the publication warned that users should not attempt to use the tool unless they are "absolutely sure" that they know what they are doing. But it is hard to say for sure if this would result in a very early release of an iOS 14 jailbreak. Hackers find previously undisclosed vulnerability in iOS, which break some of the restrictions that Apple adds in order to prevent access to the underlying software.

The iOS 13.5 jailbreak is another knock on what was once considered an impenetrable fortress of security for Apple.

Gizmodo has reached out to Apple for an official statement regarding this exploit, and we will update the story as soon as we hear back.

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This gives the jailbreaking community a possibly unprecedented lead time in finding vulnerabilities for jailbreak versions of the iOS 14.