Does Trump’s incorrect MI election tweet violate Twitter’s rules?


Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh asserted "there is no statutory authority for the secretary of state in MI to send absentee ballot applications to all voters".

President Trump, who also voted by absentee ballot, properly signed the envelope and mailed it on time, but listed the wrong birthdate (July 14, 1946 instead of June 14), the Daily News said.

State Senator and former Secretary of State Ruth Johnson said, "Local clerks usually send out the applications for decades, not the secretary of state".

Trump said in the tweet, which he also directed at the U.S. Department of the Treasury and acting budget director Russ Vought, that the mostly-mail election would result in voter fraud and is tantamount to an effort by the state to "cheat in elections".

Boss Tweed may have said it best: "As long as I count the votes, what are you going to do about it?" The state has the fourth-highest number of deaths recorded in the country, and the seventh-highest number of cases overall.

Still, the governor's office has said that Whitmer will not stop Trump's visit to the factory.

Trump still won't commit to wearing a face mask at his visit to a Ford plant today, where masks are required: "I don't know, we will look at it". Republicans blocked a move by Wisconsin's Democratic governor to make last month's primary an all-mail election amid the pandemic. Mail-in ballots could raise voter turnout and also limit the spread of COVID-19, as the virus could be spread through congested lines and touching common surfaces like voting machines.

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For years, the opinion among conservatives has been that the left tries to make it unduly easy to vote in order to promote voter fraud and allow activists to vote on behalf of the unmotivated and uninformed. Benson says Michiganders should have the opportunity to easily participate in the democratic process while avoiding public health risks. He hasn't said yet, as far as I know, whether he is going to wear a mask. Numerous studies have found little evidence of that. Voters should be aware these are official ballots that will record actual votes. Early voting forces campaigns to crescendo early and try to hold the high note for weeks. They are not sample ballots. Sixty percent of those surveyed in a recent AP-NORC poll said Americans should be allowed to vote absentee without an excuse if the pandemic is still a problem in November.

"Mail-in voting requires a signature match, and the records of who voted are public, so you can identify any voter fraud nearly instantly".

Democrats have accused Republicans of voter suppression efforts meant to reduce participation by voters who tend to back Democrats.

The senator raised concern for voter fraud.

To the editor: Reading about the president discouraging the use of mail-in ballots, I keep hearing the words of my grandmother who immigrated from Russian Federation.

"Notaries would snatch ballots from mailboxes and end up voting the ballots for the voters".