James Mangold will direct Indiana Jones 5 instead of Steven Spielberg


The report also states that Spielberg made the decision to step down "in a desire to pass along Indy's whip to a new generation to bring their perspective to the story".

According to Variety, Steven Spielberg is stepping down from directing duties on "Indiana Jones 5", but will still remain as a "hands on" producer. He is still on board the project as producer.

"We're working away, getting the script where we want it to be and then we'll be ready to go", Kennedy said. A huge part of the success of its movies is the director, Steven Spielberg.

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In addition to helming Logan and Ford v Ferrari, James Mangold's directing credits include The Wolverine, Girl, Interrupted, Walk the Line, Knight and Day, and 3:10 to Yuma. The franchise began with Raiders of the Lost Ark (or Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) in 1981.

Now the previous Indiana Jones movies aren't available to stream on Disney+, due to Paramount Pictures holding the distribution rights to the previous films. Mangold's latest film, Ford v Ferrari, earned a few Oscar nominations. Mangold is a skilled filmmaker, though, and could bring some old man Indiana Jones energy to the film. The last film in the franchise is considered the worst, and without the Spielberg/Lucas/Ford magic can it ever live up to the franchises best moments? But David Koepp (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) is now writing a new draft. The Kingdom of the Crystal Cranium stays a giant disappointment for lots of Indiana Jones followers - and there is no assure one other return to the character can be a hit.

Indiana Jones 5 was set to open in the summer of 2019 but was delayed till 2021. A 2021 release date may perhaps not be unlikely if creation moves instantly, but why hurry? On the time, some speculated that LeBeouf would take over the Indy function for a brand new technology of adventures, however unique Indiana Jones 5 scribe David Koepp confirmed in 2017 that LeBeouf wouldn't seem within the new movie.