Klobuchar wins over New Hampshire voters who attend religious services


The focus of the campaign to pick a Democrat to challenge Republican President Donald Trump in November begins to shift on Wednesday to states more demographically diverse than the largely white and rural kick-off states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Bernie Sanders won the Democratic New Hampshire primary on Tuesday.

A CNN/UNH poll conducted last week showed Sanders with a commanding lead among self-described liberal primary voters and primary voters under the age of 35. "So I am scared to death, I really am", said the former adviser to President Bill Clinton regarding Sanders' candidacy, according to Fox News.

In a sign of the growing rivalry between Mr Sanders, the 78-year-old self-professed democratic socialist, and Mr Buttigieg, a 38-year-old moderate, Mr Sanders' supporters booed and chanted "Wall Street Pete!", when Mr Buttigieg's post-primary speech was shown on screens. The Super PAC Unite the Country backing Biden also warned supporters of a "doomsday scenario" if Biden is forced to exit the race, urging them to contribute. He has promised to fight on at least until the end of February.

Additionally, the extra press and media time dedicated to the winners affords them opportunities to sway the opinions of undecided voters in other states and receive additional campaign funding. Candidates who fail to reach 15 percent of the vote don't get any delegates.

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg
Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg

(CNN)Joe Biden's campaign is redeploying significant resources this week to Nevada and SC, placing a heavier concentration in the states as the former vice president tries to regain his footing in the 2020 race following a pair of disappointing finishes in the first two early nominating contests, CNN has learned. Bloomberg is a billionaire who is paying for his own campaign. Whoever pulls ahead as the moderate candidate could become very important to the election. The two more liberal candidates, Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren, received a combined 35 percent. The departures of Yang and Bennet left nine Democratic candidates still running.

But with five candidates - Sanders, Biden, Bloomberg, Warren and Buttigieg, in order - all still polling in double digits nationally, there's a strong chance that the race for delegates could run its course without a conclusion - with none of the candidates amassing the 1,991 delegates necessary to win the nomination on the first ballot of the Democratic National Convention. He believes the party will back Sanders if he keeps winning and proves that his message is popular with voters.

"I think people are actually misreading what his potential is", Jayapal said.

So how good are New Hampshire voters at narrowing down the final representatives from each party? "Things are going to need to change for us to go on", said Sherri Buchanan of Concord, New Hampshire. Research firm CMAG/Kantar indicated that Warren began canceling $660,000 in ads after the chaotic Iowa caucuses and has reportedly slashed $370,000 in ad spending in SC after her poor performance in New Hampshire's Tuesday primary, moving the bulk of those resources to Nevada.

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