Principal who said it was 'karma' that Kobe Bryant died resigns


Camas High School Principal Liza Sejkora came under fire for posting the remark to Facebook after National Basketball Association star Kobe Bryant and eight others died in a helicopter accident last month in Calabasas, California, according to newspaper.

According to The Oregonian, on the day the former L.A. Lakers star was killed in a helicopter crash with his daughter, Gianna and seven others, Liza Sejkora, principal of Camas High School in Camas, Wash., wrote on her page: "Not gonna lie". She deleted the post and now says it was inappropriate and tasteless.

The former Los Angeles Lakers star, his daughter Gianna and seven others were killed in a January 26 helicopter crash in California.

In her Facebook post, Sejkora was referencing sexual assault allegations brought against Bryant in 2003 that were later dropped after his accuser decided not to testify. "I don't think it's something that we should keep hanging over his legacy".

Sejkora has not commented on her resignation.

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"I do not see a path to fix that trust that can happen in a way that doesn't continue to compromise your educational experience here at Camas High School", he said.

"After news broke (about) Kobe Bryant's death, I made a comment to my private social media, which was a personal, visceral reaction", Sejkora wrote, according to the Post-Record. You know, it is one thing if it is another student or someone else said that, I would still have the same feelings. In an email to school parents she wrote, "I want to apologize for suggesting that a person's death is deserved".

Numerous students at Camas High School are also planning to stage a walkout in protest of Sejkora, which is scheduled to take place on Thursday afternoon. We have tremendous students, staff, and community. Criminal charges against Bryant were dismissed when his accuser stopped cooperating after months of high-profile hearings, investigations and leaks about her personal life, including her name, from Bryant's defense team. The principal has also continued to apologize, sharing her regret with several news outlets.

"My focus right now is on supporting the school and the students and really listening to them in terms of what they think should be the next steps forward in terms of repairing trust", Snell told Portland station KOIN.

"I have some personal experience that generated the visceral reaction", she told KATU-TV Tuesday. "I've learned an important lesson and I hope that I can earn your trust back".