Baby Yoda Drinking Soup Is the Internet's New Favorite Meme


It's astonishing, now that we must look forward to the new images and GIFs approaching like a storm cloud with this Friday's episode, that Baby Yoda's appeal has remained undiminished even after the non-stop attention he's generated for nearly a month now.

This is Star Wars after all. In Chapter three Baby Yoda becomes more famous the character's online presence grows along with it. Hopefully it will also have a less scowly countenance overall, too, because right now it looks a lot more "Yoda" than "Baby" to me.

Well, you can stop holding your breath for an answer, you probably won't have to watch Baby Yoda perish just yet.

This episode is much more grounded in reality and felt more like a TV show than the movies, but we never would have had this amount of time dedicated to a single village.

In the fourth episode of the new Disney+ series, Baby Yoda firmly holds onto his small bowl while minding his business and sipping his soup.

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Not much, given that he's essentially a baby (he does some stuff but that's a spoiler).

At least Biden, Sanders, and Warren supporters can take heart: Since November 12, Axios says, Baby Yoda has claimed 2.28 million raw interactions, thereby trailing those three presidential hopefuls. Well, first off, his name isn't Baby Yoda. That's how Johnson was able even to see Baby Yoda in the "flesh".

Yep. There was a minor kerfuffle when Disney had sites take down GIFs of Baby Yoda, but that has since been reversed. Oh well. Enjoying baby Yoda while he's here will still be enough.

The Mandalorian has made quite the impact ever since it was released on Disney+ at the start of the month. I had a set visit for Season 1 and it looked unbelievable. Then add a caramel drizzle to the cup (representing Yoda's cloak).