Scrooge council blasted for putting up 'half a Christmas tree'


Some of the most popular trees that are usually in high demand are now in tight supply.

For the Rio Puerco and Taos areas, Christmas tree harvesters are able to purchase a permit online.

The hall will be decorated with over 20 Christmas trees, each donated by a local business or individual.

There are 383 licensed Christmas tree growers in OR who sell about 4.6 million trees a year. The price meant to encourage people to buy real trees. He says there is always a flow of traffic leaving with a tree after Thanksgiving.

Israel says attacks military targets in Syria in retaliation for rockets
One of the targets was the National Defense building at Damascus Airport, where the Iranian Quds force headquarters is located. The strikes further burst into the open what's been a long shadow war between Israel and its archenemy Iran.

Babb says they grow over a dozen different types of Christmas trees and if it will grow in Arkansas, he has it. "It seems like people have been coming to get their trees this week and we're already sold out of two of the sizes of Christmas trees that we sell".

Kalie's Tree Farm opens this Friday at 8 a.m. and will be open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through Christmas.

The key here is that real trees are biodegradable. A tree can stay wrapped in the garage or basement.

Ten years ago, Christmas tree sales were way down so growers did not cut as many trees and clear space to plant new ones. "In the United States, people are paying well over $100 Dollars for a six- to seven-foot Fraser fir that even with the increase we sell for $89".