Vaping may be less harmful to blood vessels than smoking cigarettes


"It's very clear that e-cigarettes have a detrimental effect on myocardial endothelial function, even a worse effect than classical cigarettes", commented Daniel Duprez, MD, PhD, of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Also, our new research at UConn Health is starting to reveal that e-cigarette use is associated with pulmonary diseases commonly related to conventional tobacco cigarette smoking.

"Cigarette smoking has decreased in recent years, but vaping has had a dramatic increase with a variety of devices and the inclusion of substances besides nicotine, some known and unknown", Horovitz said.

The CDC says it has yet to identify the official cause or causes of the outbreak, but the investigation has increasingly focused on products containing THC.

Currently, we are studying the potential impact vaping has on the human airways including inflammation in e-cigarette users.

Within just four weeks their blood vessel function improved by 21 per cent, from a score of 5.5 to 6.7 points. One group stuck to tobacco cigarettes, the second switched to e-cigarettes with nicotine, and the third switched to e-cigarettes without nicotine.

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This contrasts to advice from Public Health England (PHE), which stands by its claim that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking. In Malaysia, e-cigarette products such as e-juices are sold freely in stores and via online platforms, with little to no oversight.

Sweanor pointed out that the current panic around vaping could undo the positive results that have been achieved thanks to e-cigarettes so far. The first is always to consider a reaction to e-cigarettes in someone presenting with an atypical respiratory illness.

The study recruited 114 long-term cigarette smokers who had smoked at least 15 cigarettes per day for at least 2 years. Advertisements for tobacco cigarettes have been banned from television and radio since the 1970s, but this ban doesn't apply to e-cigarettes. Within just one month of ditching tobacco for electronic cigarettes, people's blood vessel health had started to recover. Stopping smoking is the single best thing you can do for your heart health.

The increase in young people using e-cigarettes in 2018 preceded the spike of vaping-related illnesses. However, while it appears that vitamin E acetate is associated with the patients, evidence is not yet sufficient to rule out other chemicals of concern.

"While research shows that switching to e-cigarettes can lead to vascular health benefits for chronic tobacco smokers, access to e-cigarettes needs to be controlled carefully - they are simply not products for children or non-smokers".