United States vaping illnesses top 1,000; death count is up to 18


No major e-cigarette corporation has been straight tied to the illnesses, and federal investigators say most individuals influenced by the lung difficulties report that they experienced vaped THC, the ingredient in marijuana that provides a superior.

At this point, cases have been identified in 48 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands; the 18 deaths have occurred in 15 states, illustrating the outbreak's national scope.

In a response to this issue, the Trump administration announced it plans to ban "non-tobacco flavored electronic cigarettes." Officials in Utah are coordinating with the appropriate state and federal officials. There's no product or chemical that has been found in all cases, she said, although most cases involved THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana. Indicators incorporate severe shortness of breath, exhaustion and chest suffering. Alluding to the almost complete lack of oversight for e-cigarettes, she said, "It is pretty much impossible for you to know what is in the e-cigarette or vaping product that you're getting, particularly THC-containing products bought off the street or bought from social sources". Because of that, the CDC recommendation for everyone to stop vaping stands.

"Our first priority is the health of the affected individuals", Long said in an email response to questions. "There is no single, potentially causative factor present in all of the cases, which is also the situation nationally". Unless some cash flow comes in, I don't think we can survive more than a few days after the first of the month.

Thirty-two reports of severe lung illness are now under investigation.

Although patients have improved with treatment, it is unknown whether they will experience long-term health effects, officials said.

The specific chemical exposures causing lung injury associated with vaping have not yet been identified.

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All of the biopsies showed "patterns of acute lung injury" according to the letter, which also pointed out that much more research on vaping needs to be conducted.

If you've never smoked or used other tobacco products or e-cigarettes, don't start.

All the cases are linked to a history of vaping, but the investigation into the illness has not yet solved the mystery of what specific vaping products are fueling the outbreak.

Public Health Director Karyl Rattay said DE has 11 cases that meet the federal definition to be included in the outbreak.

State health officials would not release any information related to the deceased person, including where they are from and what the cause of death was listed as.

The investigation has increasingly focused on THC vaping products.

Across the country, additional than a dozen people today have died from and hundreds have documented diseases associated with vaping, although the cause is unclear.