Microsoft's Surface Duo Fits in your Pocket and Runs Android


Microsoft is partnering with companies such as Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo in order get its operating system in their upcoming devices.

Inside the 2-in-1 is a custom Surface SQ1 chipset, a GPU that pushes over 2 teraflops, and support for LTE. Surface Pro 7 also hits store shelves on October 22nd, and will retail for $749. These devices will include the new Microsoft Surface Laptop, Surface Pro 7, and Surface Book 3.

At the event on Wednesday, the USA technology titan unveiled a Neo dual-screen, foldable version of its full Surface tablet, which like the Duo will be release late next year. But now that Surface Event 2019 is underway, here's everything we know about the latest and greatest Surface products.

Microsoft's device revenue topped US$6 billion in the year that ended June 30, including Surface units and PC accessories, according to its annual filing.

The Surface Laptop 3 would also benefit from the improved capabilities of new Intel and Nvidia chips. That always sounds good, but it's pretty hard to fit those things in your jacket pocket.

Surface Laptop 3's keyboard also offer a travel of 1.3millimetres, meaning it should provide some noticeable feedback.

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The company also unveiled a refreshed laptop.

"It's a crowded market, but I think Microsoft can differentiate with its touch controls, connection to Microsoft 365 environments and breadth of channels", Moorhead said. They can display separate apps side by side or a single app stretched across both screens.

A pair of 9 inch screens - which nearly look like two iPads sitting next to each other - the Surface Neo's halves measure 5.6 mm on each half.

"Surface Duo is the best chance Microsoft has ever had to drive success in smartphones", Patrick Moorhead, president and principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, told SiliconANGLE.

It packs a 13-inch display with razor-thin bezels but the chassis looks a lot like a regular Surface Pro and also adds the new Surface Slim stylus into the mix that sticks to the type cover with magnets. Windows 10X has been created to meet the growing needs of flexibility on PCs and it's simple, sleek and faster than the current generation of Windows. Only time will tell whether Microsoft was referring to Windows 10X or other future platforms.

"The Surface Pro X 2-in-1 has an edge-to-edge 13" display with 2880x1920 resolution (267ppi) and 1400:1 contrast ratio. Microsoft's proprietary charging connector is still here, though, promising fast charging (80% in less than an hour) while the battery life should stretch to a day. They will be available this holiday season for $249. Inside, the Neo is powered by an Intel Lakefield processor and an 11th generation graphics engine.