Amber Guyger Breaks Down While Taking the Stand: 'I Am So Sorry'


Hermus sharply questioned Guyger about why she carried out almost no emergency procedures to attempt to save Jean, and why in her panicked name to 911 simply after the capturing she by no means mentioned she thought Jean had a weapon or that she had been scared for her life. "I ask God for forgiveness and I hate myself every day", she said through tears.

She has consistently said that she thought his apartment was hers and believed that the 26 year old Saint Lucian national was an intruder.

"I never wanted to take an innocent person's life", Guyger testified.

Guyger has told police she mistakenly walked into the wrong apartment and thought she saw a burglar.

Her lawyers have argued that she was exhausted and on "autopilot" after a 15-hour shift - but prosecutors claim she was distracted by a phone conversation with her colleague with whom she was having an affair.

While this would seem counter to the actions of any Black man facing a white police officer with service weapon drawn, Guyger stands by that claim.

The shooting, one of a series of high-profile killings of unarmed black men and teens by white US police, sparked street protests, particularly after prosecutors initially moved to charge Guyger with manslaughter, a charge for killing without malice that carries a lesser sentence than murder.

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A week of testimony revealed Guyger had had a sexual relationship with her partner on the force and texted him before and after the shooting, including two texts sent while she was reporting the shooting to a 911 dispatcher.

The case isn't about politics or supporting police, he said; it's about whether Guyger reasonably believed Jean meant to harm her.

Check out the prosecutors strong case against Guyger.

Shook told jurors: "The law recognizes that mistakes can be made". Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson says she has not ruled out a murder indictment.

"It started hitting me that this guy, I have no idea who he is, and that's when everything just started to spin", she said, according to the local paper. The 31-year-old said she feared for her life before entering the apartment where she shot Jean. But she said she couldn't see the person's hands and he began coming toward her at a "fast-paced" walk. Two months later, she was indicted by a grand jury on a murder charge. "And I'm so sorry", Guyger said. Guyger, is now facing murder charges for Jean's death. Her attorneys also say the identical physical appearance of the complex from floor to floor frequently led to tenants parking on the wrong floor or trying to enter the wrong apartment. Guyger should have taken cover and called for backup, per protocol, at least one of her fellow officers testified. Prosecutors also say Jean was no threat to Guyger, noting that he was in his living room eating a bowl of ice-cream when she entered his apartment. Judge Kemp refuses to allow Armstrong to state his opinions in front of the jury, but defense attorneys say they plan to call him back to the stand as an expert witness.

Speaking about the day of the shooting, Guyger testified that she was exhausted on September 6, 2018, after a almost 14-hour day and "just ready to go home" when she left work.