New Trailer for Netflix's THE IRISHMAN Teases Scorsese's Return to Crime Genre


The Irishman premiered on Friday at the New York Film Festival, finally raising the curtain on the director's long-awaited, 209-minute crime-drama opus.

Netflix delivered a series of images on Wednesday evening that revealed Robert De Niro in four different moments throughout Martin Scorsese's forthcoming Irishman film. Partially due to its extensive de-aging effects, it cost some $160 million to make. It will then be released on Netflix on November 27. It is to a certain extent the task of artists such as Scorsese and De Niro to humanize even the most wicked individuals, but to even consider the possibility that Frank Sheeran (upon whose memoir the film is based) was a good man strikes me as morally freakish. "He's amoral, immoral. And the people around him... not good", De Niro told 'Variety'.

Everyone's curious about Martin Scorsese's new Netflix The Irishman, and not just because it reunites Marty, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, and a damned fascinating epic organised crime story. As depicted in the trailer, the film takes place over many years, and a combination of makeup and digital de-aging techniques by Industrial Light & Magic have been employed to make some of the cast appear younger in certain scenes. "It's a costly experiment". And The Irishman won't be immune to that; it walks a particularly tricky line because of the uncertainty around the real-life Frank Sheeran's claims about his involvement with the mob.

Based on Charles Brandt's book "I Heard You Paint Houses", "The Irishman" has been in development, on and off, for more than a decade. 'But when it comes down to it, I felt - Bob (De Niro) felt - the picture had to be made for ourselves'. Also important is that The Irishman is a Martin Scorsese movie, which is one more reason to be excited about it.

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