In pushing probe of rival, did Trump enlist the US government?


In a July 25 phone call, days after ordering a freeze to some military assistance for Ukraine, Mr Trump prodded new President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate Democratic rival Joe Biden and volunteered the assistance of his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and attorney general William Barr.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Saturday that she is heartbroken and prayerful as House Democrats move forward with their impeachment inquiry and that President Donald Trump's actions left her no other choice.

Giuliani has become a key player in House Democrats' impeachment inquiry into Trump's conduct and was named 31 times in a whistleblower complaint that alleges Trump abused his official powers "to solicit interference" from Ukraine in the upcoming 2020 election, and that the White House took steps to cover it up.

"That whistleblower will be allowed to come in without White House or DOJ lawyers to tell him or her what they can or can't say", Schiff said, comparing the situation to acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Mcguire's testimony on the issue Thursday.

Giuliani did not say what they discussed at that meeting, but a whistleblower complaint about Trump's call with Zelinksiy made public last week said USA officials had characterized the meeting as a "direct follow-up" to the president's call.

"If the facts are persuasive to the American people, they may be to some Republicans", Ms Pelosi said during the event, billed as a "festival".

White House adviser Stephen Miller took up the attack on Sunday, accusing the whistleblower of being part of a "deep state" government conspiracy to foment opposition to Trump.

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"I'm not sure we ever expected to get the scoop that we did", he said.

Mr Trump is accused of pressuring Mr Zelenskiy to investigate Joe Biden, the Democrat front-runner, over business dealings his son Hunter had with an energy company in Ukraine.

Its findings were confirmed by FBI investigators, but conspiracy theorists dispute that and claim the hack is evidence that Mr Trump is being persecuted by "the deep state".

Giuliani tells ABC's "This Week" that "I wouldn't cooperate" with Schiff, but if Trump "decides that he wants me to testify, of course I'll testify".

Impeachment hearings against Donald Trump could start as early as next week, according to reports. "It sticks in his mind when he hears it over and over again", Bossert said on This Week. Hunter Biden sat on the board of a Ukrainian gas company.

Andrew Howard, a managing editor of The State Press student paper at Arizona State University, broke the news late Friday that Kurt Volker quit his position at the State Department after Congress ordered him to answer questions in an impeachment investigation of Trump. According to the CBS poll, 42 percent of respondents said the president deserves to be impeachment over the Ukraine scandal, while 36 percent said he doesn't deserve impeachment, and another 22 percent indicated that "it's too soon to say".

Graham said on "Face the Nation" Sunday that "I love Joe Biden" but added, "somebody ought to look at whether or not Joe Biden had the prosecutor fired, and in a proper way".