Prince Harry Retraces Princess Diana's Landmine Footsteps in Angola


He visited Botswana before Angola, and is scheduled to fly to Malawi on Saturday.

"I wonder if she were still alive today, whether that would still be the case". It became one of the most iconic images of her short life.

Washington D.C. [USA], Sept 28 (ANI): Carrying Princess Diana's legacy forward, the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry visited a de-mining site in Dirico, Angola on Friday.He worked with representatives from "The Halo Trust" to help clear the area, mined during the Angolan civil war.

Vaughan said that Harry's visit, part of a trip through Africa with his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and their son, could show the world that clearing mines could have profound benefits.

This was Diana at her fiercest and most effective: getting cameras to focus on the distinctly unglamorous work of the Halo Trust. Many people remain displaced and thousands have been left with disabilities from land mines which continue to maim and kill.

There are two main types of mine: anti-personnel landmines, aimed at killing or injuring people, and anti-tank mines, created to destroy vehicles.

Harry's mother never saw her work to help outlaw landmines come to fruition as she died the year of her Africa visit, a few months before the global treaty to outlaw the weapons was signed.

Princess Diana walked across a cleared minefield near the central Angolan city of Huambo in 1997.

And when she met the princess's son, the Duke of Sussex, she described the encounter as a continuation of a long and lovely story.

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During his visit, Harry met with representatives from the three de-mining organisations working in Angola - the HALO Trust, Mines Advisory Group and Norwegian People's Aid.

Prince Harry is taking giant strides just like his mother late Princess Diana on his royal tour in South Africa.

The scrubland below bears red warning signs marked with skull and crossbones flags, which are labelled "Perigo Minas" - Portuguese for "danger mines".

It was created to bring attention to the fact that landmines in Angola still pose a threat to life and limb.

Ms Thijika said after chatting to Harry: 'I think I met Princess Diana on a Tuesday, she came to the centre and she wanted to see how a change of prosthetic limb was done. He said, "By clearing the landmines we can help this community find peace, and with peace comes opportunity".

He also brought the conversation back to another of his primary causes, conservation.

"Additionally, we can protect the diverse and unique wildlife that relies on the attractive Cuito river that I slept beside last night". During his visit to Angola, Prince Harry also made time to meet with met President João Lourenço, in order to thank him for the warm welcome during his visit.

"Clearing the full watershed will take an worldwide effort".