Iran warns Trump about getting dragged into 'all-out war'


"There are still lots of things to sort out before we can see how to create the conditions for the United States and Iran to enter into a negotiation", said a French presidential official who asked not to be named.

The blast took place in the eastern Hadramawt province, far from the part of Yemen controlled by the Houthi rebels, and also wounded at least 13 soldiers, many of them Saudi.

Pompeo was speaking after consulting Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman and UAE prince Mohammed bin Zayed, the Trump administration's closest allies in the region, particularly in the wake of Israeli elections that threw Binyamin Netanyahu's political future in question.

Riyadh and Washington have both said they have "undeniable evidence" of Tehran's guilt, and are debating their next move.

A satellite image from Planet Labs Inc. shows thick black smoke rising from Saudi Aramco's Abqaiq oil processing facility in Buqyaq, Saudi Arabia, following this past weekend's attack. Trump tweeted that the U.S. was "locked and loaded" but was waiting for Saudi Arabia's rulers to decide on a path forward.

Saudi Arabia displayed on Wednesday remnants of what it described as Iranian drones and cruise missiles used in an attack on the Saudi oil facilities, saying they were "undeniable" evidence of Iranian aggression.

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The Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said on Wednesday the official death toll stood at 50 but was expected to rise. The National Hurricane Center is warning that a tropical storm could hit areas already flattened by Dorian.

Fellow Gulf OPEC producer Kuwait, which said earlier this week it was investigating the detection of a drone over its territory, has put its oil sector on high alert and raised security to the highest level as a precautionary measure.

France's top diplomat is expressing doubt at claims by Yemen's rebel Houthis that they are responsible for recent drone attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said Thursday that the U.S. has a high level of confidence that officials will be able to accurately determine exactly who launched the attacks last weekend.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov urged all countries in the Gulf to sit down for talks to defuse tensions and said groundless accusations against Iran over the attacks were inflaming tensions, Interfax news agency reported.

France, which is trying to salvage the deal, said the NY gathering presented a chance to de-escalate tensions. Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was to travel to NY on Friday, with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani following on Monday. "There is an global investigation. We're supporting their investigation", he said.

Zarif also said in a tweet on Thursday that Pompeo was trying to delay issuing visas for the Iranian delegation to the upcoming United Nations General Assembly. He said the cruise missiles had a range of 435 miles, meaning they could not have been fired from inside Yemen. As the host of the UN's headquarters, the USA is required to offer world leaders and diplomats visas to attend meetings. The Wall Street Journal said that Riyadh was reaching out to foreign producers for crude and other petroleum products to plug gaps in its own supply.